Storage and Microsoft Azure

Back up your Windows Servers and the workloads running on them. Protect files, SQL Server databases, and Hyper-V virtual machines in the cloud. Backups are encrypted before transmission and stored encrypted in Azure. Only you have the key. These off-site backups are stored away from your datacenter and are protected by reliable Azure storage, so you can avoid the hassles of on-site backup media and moving backups off-site.

Manage cloud backups from the familiar backup tools in Windows Server, Windows Server Essentials, or System Center Data Protection Manager. These on-premises tools seamlessly integrate with Azure backup to give you unparalleled ease of use. After data is backed up to the cloud, authorized users can easily recover backups to any server. Ongoing incremental backups only transmit changes to files over time. This helps ensure efficient use of storage and reduced bandwidth consumption, while enabling point-in-time recovery of multiple versions. Configurable data retention policies, data compression, and data transfer throttling offer added flexibility and help boost efficiency.

Hybrid storage with Storsimple

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise storage customers is massive data growth and the amount of storage management work required to keep up with it. StorSimple 8000 series hybrid storage arrays excel at managing data growth and stopping the endless cycle of buying storage.

StorSimple 8000 series

Some of the key features of the StorSimple 8000 Series are:

  • Performance & Scalability – Massively scalable hybrid cloud storage with larger on-premises capacity for SSD and HDD

  • Data Mobility – Access to enterprise data in Microsoft Azure through the StorSimple Virtual Appliance

  • Consolidated Management – Azure portal to manage geographically dispersed physical arrays and virtual appliances, data protection policies, and data mobility

StorSimple 5000/7000 series

StorSimple continues to offer its popular industry-leading hybrid cloud storage appliances, the StorSimple 5000/7000 series. Customers get the same data growth management and cloud economics benefits as the 8000 series in a smaller capacity configuration, and with the exception that the 5000/7000 series does not support the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager and the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance.