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VM Backups in Azure: Step-by-Step

One question my customers regularly ask me:”How do we back-up the Virtual Machines (VM’s) in Azure?” Until now this could either be a tidious task; keeping the VM in the cloud (Yes, I mentioned the “C”-word). Other customers were confronted with a high bill for regress costs when using their on-prem backup solutions to ensure […]

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Create backups of your vm workloads in Azure

Microsoft yesterday (26-03-2015) announced the capability to backup IaaS VMs on the Microsoft Azure platform using Azure Backup. Where some of my  customers planning to migrate part of their applications and entire virtual machines to Azure, the protection of customer data through the backup of the entire Virtual Machine (VM) becomes a regular requested feature. Now we […]

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Not running Windows 8 or Server 2012? Take action on security!

Microsoft today released a new Security Advisory, related to Improperly Issued Certificates which could allow spoofing. These digital certificates were improperly issued from the subordinate CA, MCS Holdings, which could be used in attempts to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks. The improperly issued certificates can however not be used to issue other certificates, […]

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