I feel honoured that you’ve taken the time to visit my blog page and now you’ve actually want to know the person behind “Azureman”.

My name is Bert Wolters and I work as an independent Azure Consultant in The Netherlands.

My primary focus is on Microsofts’ cloud and hybrid offerings, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack. In earlier years I used to focus on the Microsoft Datacenter Management Products, united in the Microsoft System Center Suite and Windows Server, and I still love working in that field. My work in Azure is not limited to, or focused solely on, IaaS in Azure, but I’m also very interested in the progress being made in Microsofts’ Management tools, Hybrid Cloud Solutions and further Governance and Security aspects of the cloud.

July 1st 2016 I was extremely grateful that Microsoft awarded me with my first MVP award, even more so on July 1st 2017 when I received my second award. You can imagine how I felt when I received the award for the third time in 2018. At this time I have received this award a total of eight times. An important thing to know is that my blogs, are my personal statements and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Microsoft or any other related parties.

Since certification is one way to show your customers how knowledgeable you are in Microsoft technology, I think it’s very important to keep your certification up to date. Through this principle I followed a training at Nique Consultancy some years ago to be enrolled in the Microsoft Certified Trainer program. Since then I’m proud to say I can call myself a Microsoft Certified Trainer, or MCT.

Below is a small, but fairly relevant portion of my certification and awarded titles.

  • Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP)

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

  • Microsoft Azure Solution Architect

  • Modernbizz Azure Black-belt

  • Hyper-V and System Center Specialist

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert on:

    • Desktop Infrastructure (Charter Member)

    • Server Infrastructure (Charter Member)

    • Private Cloud (Charter Member)

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate on:

    • Windows 8 (Charter Member)

    • Server 2012 (Charter Member)

    • Windows 7

    • Server 2008

In case you want to know more about me or get in touch,  feel free to check out Twitter or find me on LinkedIn. When neither of those seem appealing, leave a comment in the field below and I’ll contact you.

http://twitter.com/bertwolters (X)

Bert Wolters (Linkedin)