Inside Azure Management V4

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Hi all! I’m super stoked to be able to announce that our new book Inside Azure Management V4 has been released! Before anything else I have to thank Pete Zerger for his relentless efforts to get my work in.
I was fortunate to be accompanied by a team of writer-rockstars consisting of:

This book is already in its’ 4th edition (2020) and covers a broad range of Azure Management related topics like cloud governance, backups, process automation, infrastructure updates, application, and container monitoring.

The full chapter list looks like this:

  • Chapter 1 – Intro
  • Chapter 2 – Implementing Governance in Azure
  • Chapter 3 – Migrating Workloads to Azure
  • Chapter 4 – Configuring Data Sources for Azure Log Analytics
  • Chapter 5 – Monitoring Applications
  • Chapter 6 – Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Chapter 7 – Configuring Alerting and notification
  • Chapter 8 – Monitor Databases
  • Chapter 9 – Monitoring Containers
  • Chapter 10 – Implementing Process Automation
  • Chapter 11 – Configuration Management
  • Chapter 12 – Monitoring Security-related Configuration
  • Chapter 13 – Data Backup for Azure Workloads
  • Chapter 14 – Implementing a Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Chapter 15 – Update Management for VMs
  • Chapter 16 – Conclusion

Ofcourse you could fly over to Amazon and get your kindle-proof copy there for 20 bucks, but for a limited time you can also grab your free download from Technet, and if you want to reproduce any of the examples from the book, the code we’ve used is in our Github code repo.

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