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I just stumbled across a FREE E-book on OMS, which I just had to share with all of you. The book is being developed by a couple of Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVP’s) with a clear love for the cloud. Amongst them is Pete Zerger. If you’re a little involved in OMS, you might know him from his work on the OMS Survival Guide.

The other distinguished gentleman in this cooperation are:

  •  Mr. Tao Yang (@MrTaoYang)
  • Anders Bengtsson
  • Stanislav Zhelyakov (@StanZhelyazkov)


This preview release of “Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite” is an end-to-end deep dive into the full range of Microsoft OMS features and functionality, complete with downloadable sample scripts for some of the chapters via GitHub .

They’ve tried to bring a learning resource for the MS Operations Management Suite to the community that is complete, comprehensive, concise…and free! Once the book is complete, they will have covered the following topics, and more:
•Searching and Presenting OMS Data
•Alert Management
•Configuration Assessment and Change Tracking
•Working with Performance Data
•Process Automation and Desired State Configuration
•Backup and Disaster Recovery
•Security Configuration
•Analyzing Network Data
•Cross Platform Management

You can download this awesome resource of OMS knowledge here.

I can’t wait to get started in this exciting new book, and I’m looking forward to all the twists in the plot… Seeing the download numbers (over 4000 downloads in one week) this must be one of the literary highlights of the year!

If any questions popped up during reading this blog, leave a comment below, or drop me an email!

Bert Wolters.

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