Today Microsoft announced an increase in the size of datasources it can protect with the Azure Backup Service. Where earlier 1700GB was the maximum size of a single datasource, we can now provide backups from a datasource up to 54400 GB in size.

You can find all required information on the Azure Blog, but below is a short description for the people willing to update their protection to the improved Azure Backup service.

1.Azure Backup Agent Version 2.0.8715.0 or above.
You can verify the Azure Backup agent version number by navigating to the Control Panel –> All Control Panel items  –> Programs and features –> Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent.Azure Backup Agent 2.0.8715

2.System Center Data Protection Manager Update Roll Up 6 or higher (download the latest UR).

3. Windows Server 2012 or above, for backups of volumes directly to Azure
Windows 8 or above, for backups of desktop/laptop volumes directly to Azure
Windows Server 2012 or above on the DPM server, for backups via DPM to Azure; the production server backed up by DPM can be Windows Server 2003 or above

4.Azure Backup Cache Space:  For file servers with a large number of files (>1 Million) in a single volume, the amount of cache space needed for the backups could be up to 20% of the size of the volume.

5. Connectivity. To be able to upload all of this massive data you’d want a broadband internet connection.

Have a great backup!

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