Starting July 15th 2015, you can officially start managing your support tickets from the new Azure Portal. That is of course greatly dependent on the support plan that you’re paying for…  Azure Support Plans are based on the choice you’ve made yourself and prices vary from “free” until “contact us for pricing”. The term:”Pay more, receive more….” seems to be in order here.

The support plans are currently divided into 5 different flavors, as shown below.



What can you do with an “Included”  support plan? Well… you get to see the health of all Azure services world-wide on your Services Health Dashboard. That’s the big map of the world when you log-on to the “new”  or Ibiza portal. You can also log tickets through the web-interface and that’s what I’ll be showing you today.

So, just to make it absolutely clear, that I do all kinds of demo’s on my MSDN-based subscription, I currently don’t have a support plan, other then the “Included”  one. When you want to log a ticket with Microsoft support, based on issues you experience with the Azure platform, you can now use the new Azure portal.

To create a new support ticket (billing or technical) you can navigate to the big “Help + Support”  button in the center of your portal (by default).


When you decided at an earlier stage to remove that button, you can also reach the support functionality through the “browse everything”  menu item, and browsing down to Help + Support.


Now you’ve reached the overview page of all of your service tickets. You can add a new one, by clicking the “New Support Ticket” button on the top of the pane.


Currently the workflow asks for a support plan in any ticket you log. When we evaluate the support plans, that shouldn’t be the case for “Billing and Quota” tickets. This will probably be resolved before July 15th. Enjoy the new way to manage your support tickets in Azure!









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