Where, on June first, I was happy to report on Update 1 for the StorSimple 8000 Operating System, at this time I’d like to urge you to do another update in succession of the latter one.

Users of StorSimple reported issues regarding the backup functionality of the device, and since this is one of the key features to ensure continuous availability of your data, Microsoft solved this lack in functionality in software version 6.3.9600.17521.

The quote on the StorSimple states the following:
A critical patch, Update 1.1, was released on June 23. This patch addresses an issue in the backup engine. If you applied Update 1 before June 23rd and are currently using software version 6.3.9600.17491, make sure that you apply this critical update to avoid any issues with backups.
After you install the update, the software version will change to 6.3.9600.17521.

More information regarding update 1 and the patch for the update can be found here.

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