Azure friends, after a jaw-dropping Keynote today at Ignite, and I’m not talking about the length now, we have a lot of stuff to cover right now. But, just to set the context, let me remember you that the Azure platform is only five years old, as Mark Russinovich mentioned today. The speeds at which Microsoft is currently pushing innovation is really astounding! First off, Windows Server 2016 as Windows Server vNext was named today, had his second pre-release version released. For an overview of all new features  you can check out this link.

nano server

Let’s name a few announcements first, to get into them later in posts later this week.

1) Windows Azure Pack will be rebranded and updated to “Microsoft Azure Stack“.

2) Azure Operational Insights is renamed and extended into “Operations Management Suite” Creating your own dashboards


Operations Management Suite

3) Virtual Machine Scale Sets, for simultaneous operations on Enterprise-scale groups of Virtual Machines.
4) Disk Encryption for Linux and Windows Virtual Machines, integrated with KeyVault.
5) Cloud App Discovery is Generally Available; discover which SaaS apps your customers are using..

app discovery6) Multiple load-balanced virtual IP’s per Cloud Service.
7) Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now supports NetApp Private Storage (NPS)

Keep a close eye at all that is happening at Ignite, because Microsoft is setting their cloud on fire (figurally ofcourse).

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