I’m very proud to announce that, in close cooperation with Compu’Train the Netherlands, Microsoft Computrain logowill deliver a whole new series of Azure Bootcamps for Microsoft Partners. The bootcamps in the Netherlands will consist of three, layered sessions, each with it’s own specific audience and subjects.


The first one is an Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp which focuses on a small number of participants, which will get hands-on experience and training in their own (trial) Azure subscription. On completion of this course, the participants will have a thourough understanding of Cloud Services, VM’s, Management Tools, Virtual Networks, VPN and Load Balancers.



When returning for day 2, the Azure Solutions Workshop, people will have slightly less hands-on interaction with Azure and are asked to engage more in discussing Microsoft Azure Solutions. Active Directory, Websites, Azure Backup, Storage ánd Planning and Deploying workloads to Windows Azure will be the main topics of this day.

Day 3 is a special Architectural Session which concentrates on landing the Azure Platform within the existing infrastructure of customers and all possible issues partners can face during implementation and design.

I’m honoured to have been selected to deliver the Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp in the Netherlands and Iceland. Partners who would like to participate in the Foundation Bootcamp can register through the links below.

Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp
Date Location Link
14-10-2014 Microsoft, Schiphol, NL N/A (Session full)
10-11-2014 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL N/A (Session full)
25-11-2014 Iceland N/A
26-11-2014 Iceland N/A
10-12-2014 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL NLSM011 ?Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp Compu’Train 10 December
14-01-2015 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL NLSM012 ?Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp Compu’Train 14. January
11-02-2015 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL NLSM013 ?Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp Compu’Train 11. February
11-03-2015 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL NLSM014 ?Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp Compu’Train 11. March
14-04-2015 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL NLSM015 ?Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp Compu’Train 14. April
13-05-2015 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL NLSM016 ?Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp Compu’Train 13. May
10-06-2015 Computrain/BCN, Utrecht, NL NLSM017 ?Azure Technical Foundation Bootcamp Compu’Train 10. June

For a growing number of businesses we’re also providing this bootcamp as an in-house training event. For more information of these possibilities, contact Computrain the Netherlands.

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